How we work

One measure of a workplace is whether the folks who work there are happy. Do they stay long? Are they satisfied with their jobs? Would they want their friends or family working there? Here at Shari’s, we’re proud to say these questions all get a resounding “YES”!

Shari’s people are the key ingredient in our success. So we are truly dedicated to their development. We put a lot of effort into making Shari’s a great place to work. In fact, a recent Team Member Survey revealed the top reasons employees love working at Shari’s:

  • Enjoyable work environment
  • Guest service oriented
  • Enjoy working with their team
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Great new-hire training
  • Ongoing skill development
  • Personal recognition

With comments like these, it’s no surprise that more than a third of our team members have been with us for at least five years. Small wonder that Shari’s consistently has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.