Our Jobs

You’re just an application away from some incredible jobs. The following job descriptions will help you find where you might fit in at Shari’s. The jobs are as diverse as the people who work with us every day. Here’s hoping you find something you like.

General Manager

As the General Manager, you are ultimately responsible for operating a successful and profitable restaurant. You set the standard that Assistant Managers and team members strive to reach. Because you lead professionally and by example, your team will know what is expected of them as they provide great guest service, properly prepare menu items, maintain a clean and safe environment. In short, you oversee creating a desirable atmosphere for both guests and team members. When an issue arises, you deal with it in a timely way, and make sure the appropriate people are brought into the loop. You have the responsibility to recruit, hire, train and develop your team and take pride in seeing others grow. Your professional, confident and outgoing personality makes it obvious to our guests and your team that you are in charge and yet approachable. As the General Manager you will be responsible for enforcing all federal / state laws and company policies pertaining to health and safety as well as employee related laws and policies.

Assistant Manager

Working for and in support of the General Manager, you will independently manage the restaurant on your shift. Your focus is on guest satisfaction, giving direction to team members, increasing sales, ensuring proper food preparation and maintaining a desirable and safe work environment. Your outgoing personality will serve you well as you visit with guests, make sure that their visit met their expectations and take the time to get to know them. You will need to be comfortable and confident in your decision- making skills in order to correct issues with team members, or address issues a guest may have during your shift. You will be held accountable for making sure each team member on your shift completes their tasks. You will be responsible for assuring that all safety, sanitation, and food handling laws and policies are being followed as well as all employment related laws and policies.


As the person who has the most contact with our guests, you are Shari’s service ambassador. You will ensure our guests’ dining experience is exceptional. You possess a deep desire to serve and engage with others, and make them feel at ease. Your love for simply good food will aid you in making menu recommendations to our guests. As a person who takes pride in the appearance of their surroundings, you will be required to do some cleaning.


As the first point of contact for our guests, you set the stage for their overall dining experience. Your sincerity and ability to engage our guests in friendly conversation will be key. Our hosts show guests to their tables, offer them beverages and periodically help with other dining room and cleaning duties. You are also the last person to have contact with our guests as you process their payment. Occasionally you may be expected to assist in the baking of our award winning pies, cinnamon rolls, quiche, etc.


Our cooks man the heart of the restaurant – the kitchen. You need the ability to prepare a number of eye, and palate-pleasing menu items in a timely fashion. It’s what sets Shari’s apart from our competition. More importantly you are able to adjust to the flow of business, follow set specs for each menu item and welcome occasional menu changes. You must be able to communicate with other Shari’s team members to ensure our guest’s overall satisfaction. You’ll also maintain a clean and well-stocked kitchen.


Your attention to detail and willingness to work hard is exactly what is required as a dishwasher at Shari’s. You not only ensure that our dishes are clean and sanitary, but also that clean dishes, glass wear and silverware are always available. Our guests notice the overall cleanliness of our restaurant, due in large part to your hard work mopping floors, cleaning restrooms, emptying the trash and making sure the outside area around the restaurant is tidy.